Our Vision

Devoted young adults for God, equipped for leadership, and community transformation

Our Mission

Mobilizing the church to equip young adults to live a sprit-driven life by training them in three key strategies in order to influence the market place and transform the community.


Reach Alexandria young adults with the message of Christ for the transformation of their life. Through several strategies


Counseling and Emotional Health

Support young adults in their way for emotional health to experience a better true healthy relation with themselves, others and God so that they may figure out their real personality and the purpose of their being


Community Development

Access to change the lives of disadvantaged youth in the slums and development on a spiritual level, economic, health, psychological and become a positive influential within their community.


What people say about AYC

I am 21 years old.I have been working with the AYC for 3 years now. I started as a volunteer in the evangelism team for around 2 years and right now I'm working in the ministry of evangelism and discipleship for a year.

AYC does an amazing role and I am so glad to work with them. As for the medical outreaches, lots of people in our area have been touched when they saw the love of the doctors that operated them for free, and the love of all the working team that was serving with all their hearts and coming from far.

Emad From the Methodist church in Gheit el Enab

AYC has supported me much through training each one has helped shape my personality and this meant a lot to me

It taught me how to plan and how to manage my time.Now we encourage the church through discipleship to take a practical steps in their lives and grow with Jesus step by step and  be light to others by actions.

Andre Romel

AYC has shared a lot of ministries for example the medical outreaches meant a lot to a lot of people and it gave them a lot of good services in treatment and check-up in more than one medical

field, also AYC bring us a meal that we distribute to the people in an organized manner.

we  keep the contacts of people we serve so that we can contact them again whenever there is an occasion or ministry and we reach through this ministry not only Christians but we serve the 

Muslims as well in the neighborhood.

It offered us a special discipleship program and right now we are studying that program to be able to make discipleship groups to reach the people with the message of God through the groups.

AmanyApostolic Church in El Hanauville

The most important thing WAHA taught me is to be committed. To commit to the time and to the duties.  WAHA changed in me.  My point of view toward the life and toward things that make me angry was changed. My point of view changes as well for things that I loved. WAHA is a step in a long of recovery. It represents to me a portion of light faraway. I will walk gradually to reach the light. This light will reflect on my heart and mind

Lady graduated from WahaWaha

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